Site Mapped

Added a site map to this awesome site which should hopefully make it easier for search engine to crawl. In other knews I’m tired an have a bunch of papers to write and am not incredibly excited for that but you know how it is. I just wanna sleep and read if I’m being honest with myself but life is always getting in the way.

I hope soon I’m able to get better at managing my time and doing other things but until then…

Peace 🙂

Tied Up Ricing

Yesterday me and my friend had a fantastic time exploring some basic rope ties in the BDSM world. I had an absolutely wonderful time and learned a lot just form using basic ties and a basic harness. It was really enjoyable and I’d honestly suggest it to anyone the best part I think was the comfortability and willingness to be open and experimental on both our sides.

In other news I’m currently working on a rice for Debian running GNOME. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I love using it. If you’re even remotely questioning getting into ricing I fully recommend it. It’s fun to do and provides a neat way of customizing your own look for your own machine.

So yeah, that’s what I’ve been up to the past two days! Peace 🙂